Portable’s Home Ambush: Street-Smart Musician Speaks Out on Alleged Assault Over Show Performance

Controversial Artist Reveals Details of Confrontation with Aggressive Individuals at His Residence

The street-savvy music sensation, Habeeb Okikiola, widely known as Portable, has emerged with a tale of an ambush within the confines of his own home, captured in a series of online videos. The controversial artist, known for stirring up controversy, found himself in a clash with a couple who aggressively stifled his attempts to speak.

The fiery exchange unfolded in video clips shared on Portable’s social media, where he questioned the motives behind the physical aggression aimed at him. Reports circulating online suggest that the altercation stemmed from Portable’s refusal to perform at a show for which he had already received payment.

Captioning the post, the Zazuu Crooner expressed his distress, stating, “Omo ologo surrounded by my enemies. Na God dey cover me Zazu. This people really do me bad but thank God say man no be God.” He went on to reveal that he sought medical treatment, adding, “I’m in pain. On my way to the hospital.”

Initial reports had indicated that Portable was assaulted at his residence by individuals who claimed he collected payment for a performance but failed to show up. However, Portable has now offered his perspective, asserting that he had completed a record for a group that allegedly traveled from America to feature him in a music gig. He claimed to have been paid 2.5 million naira for the work.

In a new twist to the story, Portable asserted that after completing the work and attempting to leave, the group refused to let him go and demanded a refund of the money they had paid him. According to him, they insisted that the amount he received was excessive, leading to a confrontation at his home.

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Watch the artist provide his account of the incident in the accompanying video:

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