President Bola Tinubu Vows to Hold Cabinet Members Accountable for Performance

In a move signaling a departure from the practices of the past, Presidential Spokesman Ajuri Ngelale has affirmed that President Bola Tinubu is prepared to take decisive action by removing any underperforming member from his cabinet.

This announcement follows the criticism leveled against former President Muhammadu Buhari for retaining several ministers despite concerns of their competency. A number of ministers remained in their roles for eight years under his administration, drawing attention to issues related to accountability and effectiveness.

In contrast to conventional practices of reshuffling cabinets, Buhari allowed his ministers to continue serving until the end of his term.

During an appearance on the Sunrise Daily program aired by Channels Television on Monday, Ajuri Ngelale highlighted that President Bola Tinubu prioritizes tangible results. He underscored that Tinubu sets specific benchmarks for his ministers, presenting a clear vision for their achievements within defined timeframes.

The essence of this approach, as articulated by Ngelale, is to shift the focus from mere plans to actionable outcomes. Ngelale emphasized that President Tinubu, based on his track record as a former governor of Lagos State, is unafraid to enforce accountability through swift decisions.

Ngelale stated, “He is not somebody that is afraid to levy quick sanctions to ensure that they get the results that he wants ’cause, ultimately, if this administration fails, they will not say a minister failed or a set of ministers failed. They will say President Bola Tinubu failed, and he will not accept failure.”

The spokesperson further highlighted the President’s readiness to uphold this commitment, underlining that any minister falling short of the established expectations could face the prospect of being relieved of their duties without hesitation.

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President Tinubu’s proactive stance on accountability aims to ensure that his administration is defined by the successful execution of its goals. The move signifies a shift towards more assertive governance practices, with an emphasis on tangible accomplishments and a zero-tolerance approach toward under-performance.

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