Reality TV Star Frodd Allegedly Splurges $150,000 on Exquisite Diamond Wristwatch Featuring a Live Tiger

Social Media Abuzz as Chukwuemeka Frodd Okoye Flaunts Lavish Custom-Made Timepiece in Viral Video

In a jaw-dropping display of opulence, reality TV sensation Chukwuemeka Frodd Okoye, popularly known as Frodd, has Allegedly invested a staggering $150,000 in a bespoke diamond wristwatch that boasts a live tiger enclosed within its exquisite design.

The flamboyant revelation unfolded in a video that quickly went viral on various social media platforms, showcasing Frodd proudly exhibiting his hand adorned with the meticulously crafted custom-made wristwatch. Alongside him was fellow reality TV star Mercy Eke, who could be heard speculating about the astronomical price tag attached to the luxurious timepiece.

In the video, Frodd took a moment to elucidate that the wristwatch was a unique, custom creation. Responding to Eke’s curiosity about its contents, he pointed out that a live tiger was intricately integrated into the design, adding an element of wild extravagance to the already lavish accessory.

Eke, visibly impressed by the audacious display, praised Frodd, affirming that the wristwatch was truly remarkable and estimating its value to be in the vicinity of $150,000.

A week ago Frodd posted the watch on his Instagram page were he tagged it Birthday blings on fleek! Watch below:

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