Relationship Therapist Blessing CEO Takes Legal Action Against Prankster Untouchable Over Controversial Arrest Prank

Blessing CEO Alleges Emotional Trauma, Physical Harm, and Theft; Pursues Justice Through Legal Channels

Controversial relationship therapist Blessing CEO has initiated legal proceedings against popular prankster Untouchable and his team following a highly controversial fake arrest prank that went awry.

The incident unfolded when Blessing CEO became the target of content creators impersonating armed police officers. The prank, which simulated an arrest and involved dragging her out of her car, caused significant emotional distress to Blessing CEO. However, she has since come forward with more serious allegations, claiming she was not only emotionally traumatized but also physically harmed during the staged arrest.

In an official statement, Blessing CEO revealed that she was subjected to beatings, injuries, and a life-threatening situation during the orchestrated incident. Moreover, she asserted that her personal belongings, including a substantial amount of money and her mobile phone, were stolen in the process.

Taking to social media, Blessing CEO announced her decision to pursue legal action against Untouchable and his team. In her post, she expressed her dissatisfaction with the prank, emphasizing that it went beyond acceptable limits.

Her statement read:

“No gree for anybody this year. A few days ago, one silly prank boy Untouchable werey pranked me, using armed men to harass me on my way to the airport. I was embarrassed, bundled like a criminal, and thrown into a van, beaten, injured, and almost killed by Untouchable Comedy’s. My money was missing, and my phone was even stolen. In the end, I was told it was a prank. This prank was posted by Untouchable on his different pages to humiliate me in public. So I decided to seek justice with the law as a law-abiding citizen. Pranks should have limits. Thanks to the Nigerian police for your wonderful cooperation. As we await investigation and justice to be served. Thanks, lovers for your support and encouragement.”

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