Afropop Singer Fave Shares Childhood Story of Dating Her Choirmaster

Fave Opens Up About Past Relationship and Questions Her Sexuality

Afropop star Chidozie Ugochinyere, popularly known as Fave, recently revealed a charming story from her childhood. The ‘Beautifully’ singer shared that she ‘dated’ her choirmaster when she was just 10 years old.

Fave, now 24, clarified that it was a children’s choir and the choirmaster was around the same age. She shared this anecdote during an in-house game with fellow musician Bloody Samaritan and actresses Susan Pwajok and Genoveva Umeh.

Recalling the relationship, Fave described how her young boyfriend used to make midnight calls, which she found “cute.”

“He was the choirmaster. It was the children’s choir, so we were all kind of like kids. We would do this midnight thing where he would call, and it was just cute,” Fave reminisced.

In addition to sharing this childhood memory, Fave also opened up about her current thoughts on her sexuality. She expressed that she is curious and believes it’s natural for people to question their sexuality.

“My sexuality is in question; I am curious. Shouldn’t we all be curious? If you are not, then it is a problem,” she added.

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