Rema Makes Grammy History: Nigerian Star Submits for 2024 Consideration

Afrobeats Sensation Eyes Grammy Recognition with For Your Consideration Submission

Rema, the acclaimed Nigerian artist, has become the first from the nation to publicly submit for potential consideration at the 66th edition of the Grammy Awards in 2024.

The multi-award-winning singer and performer have officially thrown his hat in the ring, submitting a ‘for your consideration’ banner for possible nominations at the upcoming Grammy Awards. The prestigious event is slated to take place on February 4, 2024, at the Arena in Los Angeles, USA.

While Rema’s chart-topping track, ‘Calm Down,’ may not be eligible for consideration, the artist remains eligible for potential nominations in other categories. Notably, all eyes are on the newly introduced category, Best African Music Performance, which has stirred anticipation and excitement in the global music community. The addition of this category reflects the Recording Academy’s acknowledgment of the thriving music scene emerging from Africa.

Discussing the significance of this new category, Harvey Mason Jr., CEO of the Recording Academy, shed light on the considerations that led to its creation. He stated, “There’s a threshold that you like to see for a genre of music before it actually could make for a healthy category. When you talk about music coming from Africa, you’re seeing Afrobeats grow, you’re seeing amapiano and other genres coming out of the continent over the last three to five years. That started the discussions around, ‘Is it the right time?’ ”

Rema’s submission marks a historic moment for Nigerian and African music, underscoring the growing influence and recognition of artists from the continent on the global stage. As the music world eagerly awaits the nominees’ announcement, Rema stands as a trailblazer in opening new doors of opportunity for African talents at the prestigious Grammy Awards.

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