Seun Kuti Sparks Controversy, Labels Kanye West “Dangerous to All Africans”

Nigerian Afrobeat Star Raises Alarm Over Kanye West’s Influence, Leaving Followers Intrigued

Popular Afrobeat musician Seun Kuti has ignited a fresh wave of controversy with his recent Instagram story, where he branded Kanye West as a “dangerous person to all Africans.”

The Nigerian artist’s assertion, made without specific details to substantiate it, has left followers intrigued and questioning the basis of his claim.

This isn’t the first time Seun Kuti has expressed his disapproval of Kanye West. In 2018, he took offense at the American rapper’s comments about Fela Kuti, Seun’s father and a renowned Nigerian musician. Kanye West had asserted on Instagram that he was the best artist on the planet because the spirits of Fela, Nelson Mandela, and Tupac lived through him.

Disagreeing vehemently, Seun Kuti responded on his own Instagram account, vehemently denying that Fela’s spirit resonated with Kanye West.

Now, this disagreement appears to have evolved into a broader concern, with Seun Kuti suggesting that Kanye West’s influence poses a threat to Africans as a whole.

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