Shallipopi’s New Girlfriend Sparks Social Media Buzz

Nigerian Artist’s New Girlfriend Draws Mixed Reactions, Stirring Debate on Social Platforms

Nigerian singer and rapper Shallipopi has stirred up a storm on social media with the announcement of his new girlfriend through a Snapchat post. The fast-rising artist, affiliated with the Dvpper Music label, unveiled his romantic relationship in a video shared on the platform, showcasing moments of affection and intimacy between himself and his new partner.

In the Snapchat post, Shallipopi and his girlfriend were seen engaged in conversation at a restaurant, with the video capturing them openly sharing kisses. The public display of affection caught the attention of onlookers present at the restaurant, adding fuel to the already buzzing discussion sparked by the artist’s relationship reveal.

The revelation of Shallipopi’s new romantic involvement has triggered a wave of reactions across social media platforms, with opinions sharply divided among netizens. One prominent point of discussion revolves around criticism aimed at the musician for dating a non-African woman, particularly drawing attention to the ethnicity of his new partner. Additionally, some individuals have honed in on the perceived age difference between Shallipopi and his girlfriend, fueling further debate and speculation.

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