Sheila Courage Speaks Out: Isreal DMW estranged Wife Responds to Instagram Exposé, Denies Fame-Seeking Allegations, and Alleges Harassment Against Her Mother

In the midst of a publicized separation, Sheila Courage, the estranged wife of celebrity logistic manager Isreal DMW, has broken her silence, responding to accusations and unveiling a new chapter in the drama surrounding their relationship.

The controversy escalated after Isreal DMW took to Instagram to write a detailed exposé on the events leading to their separation. Among the allegations, Isreal accused Sheila of using him to gain fame, despite their relationship starting within the confines of a church.

In a robust response, Sheila Courage revealed a different side to the story, accusing Isreal DMW of harassing her mother and reclaiming gifts he had previously bestowed upon her. Dismissing claims of leveraging her estranged husband for fame, Sheila affirmed her familial connections, stating that the former governor of Edo State and current Senator representing Edo North, Adams Oshiomhole, is her father’s first cousin.

In a lengthy note shared on social media, Sheila voiced her concerns and called for accountability, stating, “If anything happens to me or any member of my family, @isrealdmw should be held responsible!!! Going to my mum’s shop to beat her up?? You wan kill pikin kill mama join?? This isn’t even something to be quiet about at this point, @nigerianpoliceforces.”

She went on to recount an alleged incident where Isreal DMW purportedly sent individuals to harass her mother at her shop. Sheila asserted that the phone and generator taken by Isreal were immediately replaced by her father, emphasizing her family’s resilience in the face of the turmoil.

Sheila Courage concluded by shedding light on the personal side of their relationship, revealing, “Saying this might be petty but Idc he didn’t get me my first iPhone 4 even my younger sister dey use iPhone when I met you isreal, and I was using an iPhone too (I know you suffer partial memory loss).”

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The unfolding saga between Sheila Courage and Isreal DMW continues to capture public attention, with both parties offering contrasting narratives on the events that led to the breakdown of their marriage.

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