Isreal DMW’s Friend Albert Speaks Out on Marriage Crisis, Accuses Sheila of Deception

Celebrity Logistic Manager’s Confidant Blames Ex-Wife for Using Fame Quest to Break Marriage

In the aftermath of the publicized marital discord involving celebrity logistic manager Isreal DMW, a close friend identified as Albert has stepped into the spotlight, shedding light on the marriage crash while condemning Sheila Courage for alleged deception and the pursuit of fame.

The recent unraveling of events in Isreal DMW’s marriage has captivated public attention, as both the estranged husband and wife engaged in a public spat, airing grievances against each other. Albert, a friend of Isreal DMW, has now spoken out in defense of the logistic manager, accusing Sheila of manipulating and exploiting him for fame, particularly by ridiculing his relationship with his boss, Davido.

In a video shared online, Albert did not mince words as he criticized Sheila Courage for using her purported church lifestyle and virginity to deceive Isreal DMW in her quest for fame. He went on to condemn her parents, attributing part of the blame for the collapse of the marriage to them.

“Sheila, Isreal’s yahoo yahoo wife! That dude was ready to settle down and have a future with you. You used virginity and church level to package and deceive the guy. The fame you desperately want, you’ve got it. You wanted to be an influencer while he wanted a home with you. For all the discomfort and pain you’ve caused Isreal, it will not be well with you. Church is the worst place to marry. Mugu, you see girl, na church girl, na church girl; olosho for street better pass those girls,” Albert expressed in the video.

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Isreal DMW, sharing the video on his social media page, acknowledged his friend’s support and revealed that Albert had warned him about the challenges he might face in the marriage.

“Thank you, Albert. You warned me then,” Isreal DMW wrote, expressing gratitude for the support and understanding from his confidant.

The video and Isreal DMW’s acknowledgment provide a glimpse into the complexities of the high-profile marriage breakdown and the various perspectives emerging from those close to the situation.

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