Simi Reveals She’s Never Experienced Heartbreak, Despite Heartbreak Songs

In a recent interview with reality star Tacha on Cool FM, Lagos, renowned Nigerian singer Simi, also known as Simisola Kosoko, shared a surprising revelation about her personal life. Contrary to the themes of heartbreak in her songs, Simi disclosed that she has never actually experienced heartbreak in a relationship.

The talented artist, who is married to afrobeats superstar Adekunle Gold, clarified that her heartbreak-inspired songs are not based on her personal experiences. Discussing her latest heartbreak track, ‘Stranger’, Simi jokingly emphasized that she might be adept at creating relatable music because she champions the cause of those who have suffered heartbreak. She humorously stated, “I don’t think I have ever been heartbroken. I don’t know, that song came to me very easily. I guess, maybe I’m just a champion for people that have taken breakfasts (heartbroken) severally.”

Simi further explained her perspective, expressing her fascination with love and the idea of exploring an angle she hadn’t delved into before. She discussed the concept of being in a relationship where one changes so much and begins accepting or adapting to things they normally wouldn’t. Simi believed this was an interesting perspective to sing or write about—a moment when someone looks in the mirror and no longer recognizes themselves.

She added that she felt people could relate to this perspective, especially those currently experiencing heartbreak. Despite not having gone through heartbreak personally, Simi believed her music could resonate with those who have. By shedding light on the emotions and transformations people undergo during heartbreak, she aimed to connect with her listeners on a deep and relatable level.

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Simi’s candid revelation about her lack of personal heartbreak experiences adds a unique dimension to her music. As she continues to captivate audiences with her heartfelt songs, she remains an advocate for those who have faced the challenges of heartbreak, offering a voice and comfort to those going through similar experiences.

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