Reality Star Opens Up About a Wild Offer During Ay Live’s Birthday Bash: Man Offered Me $20K to Hang at His Table at AY Live’s Birthday (Video)

Reality Star Opens Up About a Peculiar Encounter During Ay Live’s Celebration

In a recent revelation, reality star Tacha shared a captivating story about a jaw-dropping offer she once received at AY Live’s birthday celebration. The celebrity, known for her unfiltered narratives, recounted an incident where a man approached her with a whopping $20,000 (N19 million) proposition just to have her join his table at the event.

This hot revelation came hot on the heels of fellow reality star Phyna’s story, where she casually brushed off a fan offering her a cool N5 million for a night together. According to Phyna, that’s chump change for her, and she can afford to wave it off like it’s no big deal.

Tacha, however, took the opportunity to share her own encounter from two years ago at Ay Live’s birthday celebration. According to the reality star, she was approached by a man who not only requested her presence at his table but also offered a staggering $20,000 for the privilege.

In a bold move, Tacha revealed that she turned down the tempting offer. Her rationale was that accepting the invitation to the man’s table might entail following him back to his place, a proposition she was not willing to entertain.

Watch her speak below:

This revelation adds another layer to the glamorous yet often unpredictable world of reality stars, shedding light on the extraordinary offers and encounters they navigate in their public appearances. Tacha’s candid storytelling continues to provide fans with intriguing glimpses into the unique experiences of celebrities in the spotlight.

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