Teebillz Accuses Davido of Bullying and Threats Towards Tiwa Savage, Vows to Protect His Family

Afrobeat Star Faces Allegations of Disrespect and Bullying from Talent Manager

In a shocking revelation, talent manager Teebillz has accused Afrobeat sensation Davido of engaging in bullying and making threats towards Tiwa Savage, the mother of Teebillz’s son. The explosive claims were made public through a series of posts on social media, where Teebillz vowed to protect his family and expressed his discontent with any disrespect.

Teebillz, known for his role in managing talent in the entertainment industry, took to Instagram to call out Davido for the alleged mistreatment of Tiwa Savage. In a passionate post, Teebillz emphasized the affection that his son, Jamil, the mother of his son, and himself had extended to Davido’s daughter. He promised to stand firm against any disrespect towards his family and asserted his intention to teach the Grammy-nominated artist a lesson.

“A FATHER WHO ABANDONS HIS FAMILY IS LIKE A COWARD WHO ABANDONS HIS POST IN BATTLE,” read Teebillz’s Instagram post, highlighting the severity of the accusations. The talent manager questioned what any father would do if faced with threats directed at the mother of their child, accusing Davido of bullying Tiwa Savage for the third time.

Captioning the post, Teebillz wrote, “What would you do if someone threatened to send boys to the Mother of your son, and this is the third time he’s bullied her? You tried respectfully to reach out, and the response is arrogance and nonchalance, please???”

The social media feud between the two escalated further as Davido and Tiwa Savage unfollowed each other on Instagram, sparking numerous speculations among fans. The public is now eagerly awaiting responses from Davido and Tiwa Savage to shed light on the unfolding controversy and provide clarity on the alleged bullying and threats.

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As the story continues to develop, the entertainment industry is abuzz with discussions surrounding this unexpected clash between two prominent figures, leaving fans and followers eagerly anticipating further updates on the situation.

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