Tems Marks Three-Year Anniversary of Debut EP “For Broken Ears” with Special Vinyl Release

Grammy award-winning Nigerian singer and performer, Tems, has celebrated the three-year anniversary of her debut EP, “For Broken Ears,” in a unique and captivating manner. The artist, known for her soulful and evocative music, announced the release of a special vinyl bundle edition of the EP to mark this significant milestone.

Taking to her social media platform on Monday, September 25, 2023, Tems shared the exciting news with her devoted fan base. “For Broken Ears” holds the prestigious distinction of being the most-streamed EP by a female Nigerian artist on Spotify, amassing an impressive 300 million streams to date. The EP features standout tracks such as “Damages,” “Higher,” and “Free Mind,” all of which have contributed to its enduring popularity.

Tems’ remarkable success with her debut EP, coupled with her collaborations with prominent figures in the entertainment industry both at home and abroad, has firmly established her as a rising star in the music scene. As fans eagerly await the release of her forthcoming studio album, the anticipation for the next chapter of her musical journey continues to grow.

Tems’ commitment to her craft and her ability to resonate with audiences around the world make her an artist to watch in the music industry. The special vinyl bundle edition of “For Broken Ears” serves as a testament to her artistic journey and the impact she has made on the music landscape.



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