Tiwa Savage Challenges Notions About Collaborating with Female Artists

Music Sensation Rebuts Allegations Through Evidence of Numerous Collaborations and Addresses Past Rifts

Tiwa Savage, the renowned Nigerian music icon, has responded to longstanding claims suggesting she harbors reluctance toward collaborating with female artists, countering the narrative with evidence of her extensive partnerships with fellow female musicians.

The 44-year-old singer has faced accusations of shunning collaborations with female counterparts, particularly highlighted by the absence of a collaboration with fellow Nigerian artist Yemi Alade. However, Tiwa Savage took to social media on Monday to address these claims after a music blogger shared clips showcasing numerous female collaborations within the African music industry, many of which featured Tiwa Savage.

Reacting to the post, Tiwa Savage emphasized her support for female artists, pointing out that she holds the record for the most collaborations with female artistes. In a post on Instagram, she asserted, “But they ALWAYS want to say TIWA SAVAGE does not like or support female artists. Please who has more female collabs and There is sooo many more not even listed here. Yall miss me with that bull sh$t narrative, I dey hustle … money on my mind.”

In addition to her statement, Tiwa Savage shared clips of songs she has collaborated on with other female artists, including ‘Onye’ featuring Waje, ‘Stamina’ featuring Arya Starr, ‘Tales By Moonlight’ featuring Amaarae, ‘Yes I Do’ with Ghanaian singer Becca, and ‘Men Are Crazy’ featuring Simi, set for release on Friday.

Despite her efforts to dispel rumors of aversion to female collaborations, Tiwa Savage has encountered publicized rifts with certain female artists, notably Seyi Shay and Yemi Alade. While her feud with Seyi Shay has been particularly contentious, tensions with Yemi Alade have been predominantly fueled by fan-driven controversies rather than direct conflicts.

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Beyond these notable disputes, Tiwa Savage maintains amicable relationships with other female artists in the industry, reflecting a commitment to fostering camaraderie among women in music. Despite the occasional controversies, Tiwa Savage’s dedication to her craft and support for fellow female artists remain evident, underscoring her continued influence and impact within the African music landscape.

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