Tolanibaj Opens Up About Losing Virginity at Age 24: I Wanted to Experience Sex

Former Big Brother Naija Housemate Shares Candid Insights on Intimacy and Marriage

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Tolanibaj, has candidly revealed the reasons behind her decision to lose her virginity at the age of 24, contrary to popular belief.

During a recent episode of the Bahd and Boujee podcast, the reality star debunked misconceptions about her sexual history, disclosing that she waited until her mid-20s to explore intimacy.

Tolanibaj explained that her late initiation into sexual experiences stemmed from a lack of curiosity in her early twenties. However, as she approached her mid-twenties, she felt compelled to understand what the hype surrounding sex was about.

“I didn’t explore enough in my 20s, I mean my early 20s. In fact, I lost my virginity very late, I was like 24. I lost it because I wanted to see what sex was about. I could have been 30 and still be a virgin you know. I wasn’t eager to see what people were talking about until I turned 24 and was like this thing people are talking about, let me see if I would enjoy it,” Tolanibaj shared.

Addressing queries about her experiences with orgasms, she disclosed that she had experienced them in her late twenties.

Additionally, Tolanibaj offered insights into her views on marriage, expressing her belief that it often results in a win for men and a loss for women. She further remarked on the allure of married men in Lagos, describing them as among the most sought-after individuals in the city.

Watch the Podcast below:

Her candid revelations provide a glimpse into her personal journey and perspectives on intimacy and relationships, sparking conversations about societal norms and individual experiences.

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