Tucker Carlson’s Exclusive Interview with Russian President Putin Unveils Insights on Ukraine Conflict and More (Video)

Conservative Journalist’s Dialogue Provides Candid Perspectives on Global Affairs

Conservative American journalist Tucker Carlson has unveiled an exclusive and much-anticipated interview conducted with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, shedding light on critical issues, notably the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

In a revealing video broadcasted on X on Tuesday, Carlson addressed what he perceives as Western media bias in covering the Ukraine conflict, accusing them of skewing narratives in favor of Kiev while undermining Russia’s position. “Americans have the right to know all they can about a war they are implicated in,” Carlson emphasized.

The extensive two-hour discussion, which has already amassed over 46 million views on Carlson’s X account and nearly a million views on YouTube within hours of its release, delved into key topics:

Putin’s Perspective on the Ukraine Conflict: Putin asserted that Ukraine initiated the conflict in 2014, prompting Russia’s intervention to quell unrest in the Donbass region. He highlighted Moscow’s efforts to pursue diplomatic resolutions, citing the 2014 and 2015 Minsk agreements as potential avenues for peace, undermined by Kiev’s reluctance to adhere to commitments.

Addressing NATO and Allegations of Aggression: Responding to speculation regarding Russian aggression towards NATO nations, Putin dismissed such claims as “threat mongering,” affirming Russia’s defensive posture. He dismissed notions of using nuclear weapons, attributing them to sensationalism aimed at extracting more funds from Western taxpayers.

Russia’s Stance on China and Global Relations: Putin downplayed concerns over China’s rise, contrasting Russia’s pragmatic approach with Western apprehensions. He emphasized balanced trade relations with China and dismissed fears of Chinese dominance within BRICS.

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Calls for De-escalation and Ceasing Arms Supply: Putin urged the cessation of arms supplies to Ukraine as a means to end the conflict swiftly. He lamented Kiev’s refusal to sign a truce agreement brokered in 2022, attributing ongoing hostilities to Western influences.

Reflections on Russia’s Relationship with the West: Putin highlighted past grievances, accusing the West of supporting separatism and terrorism in post-Soviet regions. He criticized NATO’s expansion eastward and emphasized failed promises of cooperation following the Soviet Union’s collapse.

Elon Musk, Global Technology, and Diplomatic Opportunities: Putin praised Elon Musk’s technological advancements while advocating for international agreements on emerging technologies. He likened the regulation of artificial intelligence to past efforts in nuclear disarmament.

Potential Diplomatic Gestures and International Relations: Regarding the detention of US journalist Evan Gershkovich, Putin hinted at the possibility of flexibility but emphasized the need for reciprocity in diplomatic engagements.

Zelensky’s Leadership and Regional Dynamics: Putin criticized Ukrainian President Zelensky’s alignment with “neo-Nazis and nationalists,” attributing it to Western support for entities antagonistic to Russia.

Watch the full Interview below:

Carlson’s interview with Putin provides unprecedented insights into geopolitical dynamics, offering a nuanced perspective on contentious issues shaping global affairs.

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