Victor Osimhen Issues Official Statement on Napoli and His Current Situation

In a statement released on his Instagram Stories, Nigerian football star Victor Osimhen addressed his connection with Napoli, expressing deep appreciation for the city and its people. The statement comes amidst recent controversies, and Osimhen aims to clarify his stance and reinforce his commitment to Napoli.

Osimhen began by highlighting that his decision to join the City of Naples in 2020 was a significant and positive choice for him. He emphasized the warmth and love he has received from the people of Napoli, describing it as a pivotal factor in his experience.

“The People of Napoli have shown me so much love and kindness, and I will not allow anyone to come between us,” Osimhen stated, reflecting his strong bond with the community.

Acknowledging the passion of the people as a driving force behind his dedication on the field, Osimhen expressed his commitment to playing with heart and soul, wearing the Napoli badge with unwavering pride.

Addressing recent accusations, Osimhen clarified that the allegations against the people of Naples are untrue. He underlined the strong connections he has formed with the Napolitans, describing them as friends who have become an integral part of his extended family and daily life.

Expressing gratitude for the support he has received, Osimhen thanked both Nigerians and everyone who raised their voices in solidarity with him. The footballer called for unity, respect, and understanding, emphasizing the importance of these values.

The concluding message in Osimhen’s statement echoed the rallying cry “FORZA NAPOLI SEMPRE,” signifying his enduring support for Napoli and a plea for continued unity among fans and supporters.

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