Wizkid Reveals Banky W’s Reliance on Him at EME Record Label

Nigeria’s renowned Grammy Award-winning artist, Wizkid, recently shed light on the crucial role he played in the success of singer Banky W at the EME record label. As a former signed artist under Banky W’s label, Wizkid explained that Banky heavily relied on his talent and found it challenging to overlook his contributions. In a candid statement, Wizkid emphasized the importance of hard work for aspiring artists and highlighted the limitations of record labels in promoting their careers.

Wizkid’s journey in the Nigerian music industry began when he joined the EME record label, which was co-owned by Banky W and music businessman Tunde Demuren. At the time, Banky W recognized Wizkid’s exceptional talent and signed him onto the label. This collaboration proved to be a pivotal point in both artists’ careers, as they strived to make their mark on the vibrant Nigerian music scene.

During a recent interview, Wizkid shared his perspective on Banky W’s reliance on him during their time together at EME. According to Wizkid, his immense talent made it impossible for Banky W to ignore him or function without his invaluable contributions. Wizkid’s statement sheds light on the significant impact he had on Banky W’s career trajectory and their working relationship.

Wizkid offered a deeper insight into the dynamics of the music industry, stating that success attracts numerous individuals who seek to associate themselves with accomplished artists. He explained that once an artist achieves recognition and prosperity, everyone is eager to lend their support. This phenomenon can be attributed to the human tendency to align with success and the desire to be part of something remarkable.

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Wizkid took the opportunity to offer valuable advice to young artists aspiring to make it big. He emphasized the need for artists to recognize that record labels cannot fully push their careers unless they are willing to put in the necessary effort and hard work. Wizkid urged artists to understand that success is not handed on a silver platter, and their dedication and commitment play a vital role in attracting support from industry professionals and record labels.

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