Samklef Sparks Controversy with Bold Statements on Nigerian Music Scene

Producer Takes a Swipe at Davido, Hails Wizkid as the ‘Original 001

Renowned Nigerian music producer, Samklef, has stirred up a buzz within the country’s music industry by openly criticizing Afro singer Davido and showering praises on his rival, Grammy award-winning artist, Wizkid.

This unexpected revelation unfolded during a recent event, where Samklef shared a poignant photo from his mother’s burial, using the moment to draw attention to the contrasting styles and reputations of the two artists.

Samklef commended Wizkid for maintaining a clean and scandal-free career, highlighting the stark differences between the two. At a time when Davido is facing scrutiny for alleged contract breaches, Samklef underscored Wizkid’s consistent track record in honoring his commitments, praising the acclaimed artist for his spotless reputation in the industry.

Referring to Wizkid as the “original 001,” a term denoting supremacy in a particular field, Samklef emphasized the artist’s character, describing him as a “cool, calm, and collected” individual. In a social media post, Samklef lauded Wizkid’s inner circle, emphasizing its lack of controversy, and boldly asserted that nobody has ever found a reason to challenge or question those in Wizkid’s close-knit group.

View his post below:

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