Your men are selling phone covers here – Nigerian Chef Hilda Baci Faces Backlash for Controversial Comments on Ghanaians

Online Roasting Ensues as Popular Chef Sparks Controversy Over Ghanaian Jollof and Relationship Remarks

Renowned Nigerian chef Hilda Baci has found herself at the center of a social media storm after making contentious remarks about Ghanaians during a recent podcast appearance.

The culinary expert initially ignited the controversy by comparing Nigerian Jollof to its Ghanaian counterpart, asserting that Ghanaian Jollof lacks flavor. However, it was her comments on Ghanaian women preferring Nigerian men over their own that truly set the internet ablaze.

Following the podcast, Twitter became the battleground for a war of words as Ghanaians took to the platform to express their displeasure with Hilda Baci’s statements. The comments section became flooded with criticism directed at the chef, showcasing the intensity of the backlash she faced.

Some Twitter users seized the opportunity to mock Hilda Baci, offering humorous jabs in response to her remarks. User @Ayeduasedaniel quipped, “Nigerian men in Ghana are fixing phones, selling phone covers masa.. Go to Circle and see,” highlighting a humorous perspective on the chef’s views.

Similarly, @Farida added a touch of irony, stating, “The same way Nigerian men would choose Ghanaian women over Nigerian women,” emphasizing the reciprocity of preferences.

While some comments took a lighthearted approach, others were more critical. @MrAhenkora remarked, “No one will choose her tho, she looks like a sacrifice,” reflecting a harsher sentiment towards Hilda Baci.

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Twitter user @ItplugGhana suggested a motive behind the chef’s comments, stating, “At this point she just wanted to trend ever since she lost her Guinness record to someone else lol,” hinting at a possible publicity stunt.

As the online backlash continued, it became clear that Hilda Baci’s comments had struck a nerve within the Ghanaian community. The controversy unfolded against a backdrop of cultural sentiments and ignited discussions on social media about preferences, stereotypes, and the responsibility that public figures bear in their statements.

Hilda Baci’s remarks have not only sparked debates about culinary preferences but have also fueled discussions on the impact of statements made by public figures on a diverse and interconnected online community. The fallout from this controversy serves as a reminder of the power and reach that social media holds in shaping public opinion.

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