Hilda Baci Faces Backlash Over Alleged Payment for Meet and Greet Event

Hilda Baci, the popular Nigerian chef who gained widespread attention for her attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking, has found herself in the midst of controversy once again. This time, she is being accused of receiving a payment of N3 million for a meet and greet event, despite later denying any knowledge of it following a backlash.

The allegations came to light through an event planner, vibebyanns, who claimed that Baci’s actions had a detrimental impact on their business. The event planner further stated their intention to pursue legal action against the chef for breaching their contract and provided evidence by posting a picture of their transaction online.

In a statement addressing the incident, the event planner post on their instagram page: , “Dear Valued Customers, NOTICE OF CANCELLATION OF EVENT SCHEDULED FOR THE 24th of JUNE 2023. We regret to inform you that the highly anticipated event, scheduled to take place on 24th June 2023, has been canceled. We extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused, you, our esteemed customers.”

The statement continued, “Arrangements for this event were already concluded, as both parties agreed to put out publications for the event after an advanced payment was made to Miss Hilda Bassey. However, Hilda Bassey suddenly denied publicly having any prior knowledge of the event. Her conduct has negatively affected our reputation as a brand. Consequently, we are taking all necessary legal steps towards ensuring that justice is seen to have been done in this matter.”

The event planner expressed disappointment over the situation, acknowledging the anticipation surrounding the event and the efforts made to explore alternatives before the cancellation decision was made. They emphasized their commitment to their customers and hoped to make it up to them with future remarkable events.

Additionally, a Twitter user, @TheoAbuAgada, revealed that admission to the event cost N25,000 and disclosed the alleged payment of N3 million made to Hilda Baci. The user stated, “So, Hilda Baci collected 3m for an event from Vybebyanns. Because of backlash and drags from Twitter people over 25k gate fee to see Hilda, she hurriedly put out a statement to deny the event. Now, Ann’s Concept wants to seek redress in court.”

In response to the claims, Hilda Baci addressed the situation during an Instagram Live session. She admitted to receiving payment but explained that she initially believed the event would involve other celebrities and activities. However, upon realizing that the event was solely centered around her, she decided to refund the event planner and distance herself from it. She further stated that if she were to organize an event to meet her fans, she would make it free and not charge any money.

The controversy surrounding Hilda Baci’s alleged payment for the meet and greet event has sparked debates and discussions among social media users. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how the legal proceedings will progress and what impact this incident will have on Baci’s reputation as a chef and public figure.

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