Actress Judy Austin Faces Criticism for Showing Support to Davido’s Alleged Pregnant Side Chick, Anita Brown

Ever since her marriage to Yul Edochie, Nollywood actress Judy Austin has found herself under intense scrutiny and criticism. Her latest move on social media has sparked a heated backlash, particularly for showing love and support to Anita Brown, who is allegedly linked to Nigerian music star Davido.

Anita Brown, a US-based entrepreneur, recently shared pictures from a religious summit, expressing her gratitude to God for the experience. Encouraging her followers to seek a deeper connection with God, she shared her thoughts on the impact of the religious program.

Surprisingly, Judy Austin took to her own social media page to like Anita Brown’s post, a gesture that didn’t sit well with many netizens. The move ignited a wave of negative comments and accusations, with some people calling both Judy Austin and Anita Brown “homewreckers.”

Netizens expressed their discontent and frustration, stating that they believe both women have questionable relationships with men involved in committed partnerships. Harsh comments flooded Judy Austin’s social media, with some users referring to her using derogatory terms and linking her to alleged relationships with married men.

While Judy Austin’s intention might have been simple support for a fellow woman, the online backlash serves as a reminder of the intense scrutiny and criticism that public figures often face in the age of social media. It remains to be seen how Judy Austin will respond to the situation and handle the ongoing backlash on her social media platforms.

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