Davido’s Alleged Pregnant Side Chick Anita Brown Accuses French Colleague Ivana of Abortion

Anita Brown, the woman rumored to be Davido’s alleged pregnant side chick, has made a bold accusation against her French colleague Ivana. Taking to social media, Brown claimed that Ivana had undergone an abortion.

The ongoing feud between Anita Brown, a businesswoman based in the United States, and Ivana has revolved around their connections with Davido. For several weeks, the two women have been at odds, with both accusing Davido of impregnating them and pressuring them to terminate their pregnancies. In a recent tweet, Brown stated, “The lady in Paris had a miscarriage. Yeah, ok. She was pregnant and had an abortion! David put her out there on purpose smh. Please stop.”

The public clash between Brown and Ivana has attracted attention, with their allegations against Davido adding fuel to the controversy. While the details surrounding their claims remain unclear, the accusations highlight the potential complexities and personal challenges that can arise within high-profile relationships.

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