Adesua and Banky W Find Solace in Sunday Service Amidst Cheating Allegations

Celebrity power couple Adesua Etomi-Wellington and Banky W have remained resolute in protecting their harmonious home, even in the face of recent claims surrounding infidelity and a potential pregnancy with a supposed “side chic.” Undeterred by the rumors, the couple chose to spend a serene Sunday at the WaterBrook Church in Lekki, Lagos, where they joined the congregation in worship under the guidance of Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa, husband of Mercy Chinwo.

Banky W and Adesua attended the WaterBrook Church together, displaying a united front despite the ongoing allegations. The couple, visibly connected, held hands as they participated in the church service, singing along to the worship songs with the rest of the congregation. Their presence and the solidarity they exhibited in the face of adversity sent a powerful message.

Allegations and Unanswered Questions: While reports continue to circulate regarding Banky W’s alleged involvement with his longtime friend Niyola and the claim of her pregnancy, these rumors remain unconfirmed. Speculation suggests that Niyola has decided against terminating the pregnancy, further fueling the controversy. However, amidst the heat of these allegations, the couple has chosen not to address the situation publicly.

Private Matters and Public Perception: While the couple has chosen to maintain their silence regarding the allegations, it is essential to remember that personal matters should be treated with sensitivity and respect. Their decision to handle this situation privately indicates their desire to protect their relationship and preserve their sense of peace.

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