Banky W Addresses Cheating Allegations: “The Devil is a Liar, God is in Control”

Banky W, the popular Nigerian singer and actor, has broken his silence on the circulating cheating allegations. Speaking during a church service at Water Brooks Church, Banky W addressed the congregation, dismissing the rumors and attributing them to the work of the devil. He expressed gratitude for his wife, emphasizing his deep appreciation for her and crediting God for their strong bond. Banky W’s heartfelt address shed light on the challenges he faced and his unwavering faith in God’s control.

Banky W began his address by acknowledging the presence of the allegations surrounding his personal life. Referring to the devil as a liar, he stated that the intention behind the scandal was to disrupt the congregation’s opportunity to hear his sermon. Banky W firmly believed that the devil wanted to hinder the message he was meant to deliver to the church. Despite the initial attack, he reassured the congregation that God remained in control, giving them the strength to overcome such challenges.

Gratitude Towards His Wife: During his sermon, Banky W expressed profound gratitude to his wife, whom he cherished immensely. He acknowledged that she had been a pillar of support throughout their relationship and marriage. Banky W further confessed that he often spent hours on the phone with his wife, appreciating her presence in his life. By highlighting the significance of their bond, he showcased his deep love and admiration for her, recognizing her as a blessing from God.

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