Ayra Starr Shares Insights into Collaborative Relationship with Rema

Rising Nigerian Singer Discusses Mentorship and Creative Exchange with Colleague

Nigerian singer Ayra Starr has offered a glimpse into her bond with fellow artist Rema, disclosing that he actively engages with her music by listening to and providing feedback on her unreleased tracks.

During an interview, Ayra Starr unveiled the dynamics of her relationship with Rema, highlighting his candidness in critiquing her work. She revealed that she often seeks his input on her songs before they are made public, valuing his honest assessments.

Ayra Starr further expressed admiration for Rema, recounting how she looked up to him even before signing with their shared record label. She described him as not only a talented artist but also a close friend whose creativity serves as a source of inspiration for her own musical endeavors.

Watch her speak below:

The revelation sheds light on the collaborative and supportive nature of their relationship, showcasing a dynamic exchange of ideas and mentorship within Nigeria’s burgeoning music scene.

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