BBNaija All-Star Doyin David Wraps Up 2023 with Gratitude to Haters on Instagram

Reality Star Acknowledges Trolls for Keeping Her in the Spotlight and Shaping Public Discourse

In a year-end Instagram story, popular former BBNaija All-Star housemate Doyin David extended gratitude to her haters and trolls, acknowledging their consistent presence throughout 2023. The reality star, known for her candid expressions, took a moment to appreciate the unsolicited opinions that have surrounded her, shaping discussions and keeping her name in the public spotlight.

Doyin expressed thanks to the trolls for their criticism, emphasizing how their chatter contributed to the buzz surrounding the name “Doyin David.” Despite the negativity, she recognized the role they played in creating a considerable presence for her in public discourse.

In a light-hearted tone, Doyin even thanked the trolls for diverting their attention to her life, describing them as a “bunch of fools.” The reality star raised a toast to more unsolicited opinions and “foolishness” in the upcoming year, signifying a humorous and appreciative stance toward those who have consistently critiqued her.

Her Instagram post concluded with a message of love, acknowledging the unconventional way in which trolls have become a part of her journey and public persona. As Doyin David wraps up the year, her gratitude extends to those who, in their own way, have contributed to keeping her name in the forefront of discussions and creating a distinctive presence in the BBNaija community.

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