BBNaija All Stars Housemates Venita and Illebaye Engage in Fiery Task-Related Argument

Tensions flared in the BBNaija All Stars house as housemates Venita and Illebaye found themselves embroiled in a heated argument over task contributions, casting a shadow over their preparations for an upcoming challenge.

The dispute unfolded in real-time as the housemates readied themselves for an impending task. Venita took the initiative to address Illebaye, expressing her discontent with what she perceived as Illebaye’s reluctance to actively participate in the upcoming challenge. Venita strongly emphasized the significance of everyone contributing their ideas and efforts to ensure the task’s success. She pointed out that several other housemates had already shared their input, making her expectation of Illebaye’s contribution all the more pertinent. Venita articulated her stance, saying, “We have minutes before this task. Make a point. Angel has made a point, CeeC has made a point, Mercy has made a point, I have made a point. Contribute something, make a point.”

Illebaye, in response, defended her position and offered an explanation for her temporary absence from task-related activities. She mentioned her need to have a meal before fully engaging in the task, justifying her actions. However, her response was also laced with sarcasm, adding fuel to the ongoing exchange.

Illebaye retorted, “Venita, you will not be the one to make me dumb. Maybe there’s a cotton bud in your ear. You are deaf. I said I am coming; let me eat. If you are trying to look for trouble, Venita, I’m not in your mood. If they sent you from your village to get me, Holy Ghost fire!”

Watch the video below:

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