Bbnaija Housemates Angel Smith and Ceec Clash in Heated Exchange Over Task.“Fire dey my head, no try am” Angel charges

Dramatic scenes unfolded within the BBNaija All Stars house as tensions reached a boiling point between housemates Angel Smith and Ceec. The clash erupted following a dispute over comments made regarding their productivity during a movie-making task assigned by Biggie.

The friction originated from a challenge that required the housemates to collaboratively develop and produce a movie. As the project progressed, discontentment began to brew among the participants due to what they perceived as a shortfall in the script’s quality. Ceec, recognized for her outspoken nature, vented her frustration through a comment that would ignite a heated altercation.

In the midst of the disagreement, Ceec was overheard saying, “the housemates are full of shit,” voicing her dissatisfaction with what she believed to be a lack of commitment and dedication. However, these words did not sit well with Angel Smith, another housemate who was actively involved in the task.

In a confrontation that followed, Angel confronted Ceec, accusing her of being condescending and belittling their collective efforts. The tension was palpable as Angel, visibly angered by Ceec’s statement, expressed her sentiments without reservation. She retorted, “You guys were sleeping till 6 am. I stayed and worked on the script and she is here shouting on my head. Na you go tell me how my script go go? No try am, fire dey my head.”

Watch the video below:

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