Big Brother Naija Drama: Tacha Fires Shots at Seyi Awolowo

Former Big Brother Naija ‘Pepper Dem’ housemate, Tacha Akide, has unleashed a series of scathing tweets aimed at her fellow contestant, Seyi Awolowo, following his comments about her. Tacha did not hold back, expressing her views on how the show gave Seyi a second chance at success, but little has changed in his life.

In her tweets, Tacha criticized Seyi Awolowo, suggesting that despite being granted another opportunity by Big Brother Naija, his circumstances remain largely unchanged. She pointed out that Seyi’s prominent Awolowo name seems to be the only thing keeping his image afloat.

Tacha further noted that Seyi was given a platform to rebuild his career on the show but ended up derailing it, and she found it perplexing that he believed she envied him.

She wrote, “And nothing has changed!!! Even with your Awolowo name and a rerun of the show, you still haven’t made it!!! Dragging you not on a podcast but on my own show!! Snaiyeee You can’t relate!!!”

Tacha went on to criticize Seyi for his actions in the Big Brother Naija house, accusing him of promoting negative behavior. She also highlighted that Seyi used the excuse of “OLD SCHOOL” as a cover for his actions.

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She added, “Running around the excuse of ‘OLD SCHOOL’!!! You’re a sorry excuse for a man! Grooming sons to run trains in people’s daughters, and you think you’re mentally OKAY? You’re running mad, and it’s only a matter of time before your true colors are revealed.”

Seyi Awolowo had previously thrown a shade at Tacha, albeit indirectly, after his eviction from the Big Brother Naija house. Tacha had openly advocated for his departure from the show, and Seyi acknowledged her role in promoting the program during an interview following his eviction.

This Twitter feud between Tacha and Seyi has added another layer of drama to the ongoing Big Brother Naija saga, leaving fans of the reality TV show buzzing with excitement. The battle of words continues as viewers eagerly await the next twist in this unfolding drama.

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