Dorathy meets Seyi for the first time after reality show and disgraces him in Public (video)

Tensions Rise as Big Brother Naija Alums Dorathy and Seyi Clash in a Surprise Encounter

Big Brother Naija reality star Dorathy Bachor and her fellow housemate Seyi Awolowo have come face-to-face for the first time since the conclusion of the reality show. The reunion occurred at the launch of Kim Oprah’s new program, providing fans with an unexpected moment of connection between the two.

The encounter holds significance, considering the history between Dorathy and Seyi during their time in the Big Brother house. Dorathy, alongside panel jury member Mike Edwards, played a pivotal role in saving Seyi from eviction in a crucial moment that saw Uriel Oputa exit the competition.

Video below:

However, the post-Big Brother Naija narrative took an unexpected turn when Seyi made a controversial comment about Dorathy’s standing in the industry. Following their joint effort to extend Seyi’s stay in the competition, he questioned the marketability of Dorathy to brands due to her public acknowledgment of a romantic association with fellow housemate Brighto, including intimate details.

Seyi asserted that such revelations on national television could deter brands from associating with Dorathy, casting a shadow on her professional prospects. The comment sparked discussions and debates among fans and followers of the reality show.

The recent meeting at Kim Oprah’s program launch, captured in a video circulating online, showcases the duo in the same space after Seyi’s contentious remarks. The reunion raises questions about whether the two have buried the hatchet or if there are lingering tensions beneath the surface.

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