Blessing CEO Sparks Controversy with Bold Statement on Gender Roles in Relationships

Relationship Expert Stirs Heated Debate, Claiming a Woman’s Primary Role is to Enjoy a Man’s Money

Controversial relationship expert Blessing Okoro, widely known as Blessing CEO, has ignited a fierce debate with her recent outspoken views on traditional gender roles within relationships.

Taking to insta Stories, Okoro boldly declared her stance on the roles of men and women in relationships, stating that a woman’s primary responsibility is to enjoy a man’s financial provision. The post, which quickly went viral, highlighted Okoro’s belief in men being inherently designated as financial providers.

Expressing disappointment in what she perceived as a lack of vocal support from powerful men on this matter, Okoro specifically called out “small small upcoming hustlers” for taking the lead in discussions on gender roles. She urged influential men to contribute to the discourse surrounding traditional relationship dynamics.

Referencing the biblical narrative of Adam and Eve, Okoro suggested that the initial divine design envisioned men as providers and women as recipients of financial provision. She questioned whether the shift in these roles occurred due to women deciding to enter the workforce and assist men.

In her words, Okoro stated, “It actually hurts me the most that the men who are powerful hardly talk. It’s all these small small upcoming hustlers. When God vested Adam, he had already out everything in place. Is it because women decided to start helping men and start working? Men were born to work and to feed a woman; a woman’s job is to enjoy the money.”

The controversial statement has triggered a flurry of reactions on social media, with users expressing varied opinions on traditional gender roles and the evolving dynamics of modern relationships. Okoro’s views have sparked a broader conversation about societal expectations and the intersection of gender, work, and financial responsibility within partnerships.

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