Controversy Erupts as Blessing CEO Okoro and BBNaija Star Phyna Unusual Clash Over Edo Women

Heated Exchange Unfolds as Relationship Adviser Faces Off with Reality TV Star

Self-acclaimed therapist and relationship adviser, Blessing CEO Okoro, has sparked a fiery exchange with BBNaija star Phyna Unusual after making controversial statements regarding Edo women. The confrontation began when Okoro made sweeping claims about Edo women, suggesting they engage in questionable activities from a young age.

Phyna Unusual, known for her outspoken nature, swiftly responded by ridiculing Okoro and demanding a retraction of the statements along with a public apology.

However, Okoro not only stood by her initial comments but escalated the confrontation by issuing physical threats against Phyna Unusual. Okoro went further to remind the reality TV star of the financial support she claims to have provided during her time on the Big Brother Naija show.

In a heated statement, Okoro said, “If everyone wants to talk to me, Phyna, don’t use that mouth of yours to talk to me. I will use a cane to flog that small backside of yours. Do you think what you and Chioma do on Instagram is something? You are a small child. I will flog that backside of yours because I voted for you; my money contributed to your success. Phyna, we cleaned you up, you are lucky we didn’t send you to Libya. You came from the slum, and we used our money to clean you up. I am not your mate; respect your aunty.”

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The exchange has captured the attention of social media, with fans and followers weighing in on the clash between the self-proclaimed relationship adviser and the reality TV star. As the controversy unfolds, the public awaits further developments and

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