BNXN Joins Burna Boy in Critique of Nigerian Music’s Lack of ‘Substance

Daniel Benson, the accomplished Afro-fusion artist known by his stage name BNXN, has lent his voice to the recent controversy sparked by Burna Boy’s candid remarks on the perceived absence of “substance” in a significant portion of Nigerian music.

The conversation ignited when Burna Boy, in an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, sparked discussions by expressing his perspective on the lyrical depth of afrobeats, referring to it as “literally nothing.” Burna Boy’s statement caused quite a stir within the music community and beyond.

BNXN, known for his distinctive musical style, echoed Burna Boy’s sentiments during an open and candid Instagram Live session. He expressed his alignment with Burna Boy’s viewpoint, highlighting that only a select group of artists are genuinely crafting music with meaningful “substance.” BNXN underscored the individuality of his own approach to music, drawing parallels with Burna Boy’s unique artistic expression.

In his remarks, BNXN emphasized the notion that a limited number of artists are truly exploring the realm of “substantive” music. He praised those artists who use their craft as a platform to convey messages with depth and significance.

Addressing the potential misinterpretation that can arise from such statements, BNXN delved into the issue of comprehension and context. He suggested that misunderstandings often arise due to a lack of proper understanding and nuanced interpretation of artists’ viewpoints.

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The discourse sparked by Burna Boy’s comments has ignited a broader conversation about the intricacies of musical content and messaging within the Nigerian music landscape. As artists like BNXN add their voices to the conversation, it highlights the ongoing exploration of creativity, meaning, and the evolution of musical expression within the genre.

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