Bobrisky Claps Back: Denies Secret Life Amidst Accusations from Actress Sonia Ogiri

Social Media Storm Unleashed as Bobrisky Defends Lifestyle Choices and Blasts Accuser

Popular Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky, has fired back at actress Sonia Ogiri, vehemently denying the allegations that he leads a double life involving a secret marriage and impending fatherhood.

Ogiri had earlier claimed that Bobrisky, who showcases a crossdressing persona on social media, is living a hidden life, privately married, and expecting a child, thereby deceiving his followers about his true lifestyle.

In response, Bobrisky, known for his flamboyant and controversial presence on social media, took to his platform to address the accusations made by Sonia Ogiri. He criticized her for bringing his name into her statements and expressed dissatisfaction with the points she raised. Bobrisky questioned the brilliance of Ogiri’s write-up and warned her against involving him in her rants.

Defending his lifestyle choices, Bobrisky asserted that everyone has the right to live their life as they see fit. He criticized Ogiri’s intelligence, suggesting she needs a “brain surgery” due to her alleged short IQ.

In his response, Bobrisky stated, “Soniaogiri, do you know you can make your valid point without mentioning my name? But if a person wan chop knock for head the head must surely scratch am. Your write-up ain’t brilliant at all. You need to do better next time. Love and kindness have no boundaries. I will say this over and over again. No one deserves to dis over how he or she chooses to live his or her life. Regardless, people who still want to help her/him will stand up for him/her regardless. You are only in a position to control how you give your own money, not how others want to spend theirs.”

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Bobrisky warned Ogiri’s whole family never to come for him again, emphasizing that he does not recognize her and advising against involving him in any further public disputes.

See screenshots below:

The exchange has ignited a social media storm, with fans and followers closely monitoring the drama and sharing their opinions on the controversy.

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