Sonia Ogiri Unveils Bombshell Revelation: Bobrisky’s Secret Marriage and Baby!

Nigerian Actress Sparks Social Media Frenzy with Startling Allegations about the “Mummy of Lagos

Nigerian actress Sonia Ogiri has ignited a storm of speculation and raised eyebrows across social media with her recent claim that the renowned Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky, also known as the “Mummy of Lagos,” is leading a secret life involving marriage and an impending arrival.

Ogiri made this jaw-dropping revelation in a post shared on her social media page, unraveling a narrative that challenges Bobrisky’s public persona.

According to Ogiri, Bobrisky, celebrated for his flamboyant and gender-bending identity, is allegedly living a double life. She asserts that, contrary to his public image, Bobrisky transforms into a man in the evening, potentially to maintain secrecy about his marital status.

The actress suggests that Bobrisky goes to great lengths to conceal his alleged marriage, discreetly visiting his wife at night while taking measures to avoid recognition.

In a surprising twist to the revelation, Ogiri dropped the bombshell that Bobrisky’s alleged wife is currently pregnant and expecting a child. In her post, she shared, “Congratulations is in order as we Nigerians always show love. Oga has 1 and is expecting another. Just dey play. This little gossip na between you and me. I close page for two weeks so no other person fit see am. I just say make I share with you because I love you ooo.”

See the screenshots below:

The sensational claim has sparked a wave of curiosity and speculation among social media users, with many eager to unravel the mysteries behind Bobrisky’s alleged hidden life. As the news circulates, discussions are rife, and netizens are left in suspense, awaiting any potential response or clarification from the enigmatic social media personality.

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