Burna Boy Addresses Involvement in Cubana Night Club Shooting in New Album

Afrobeat sensation Burna Boy has taken the opportunity to address the lingering questions surrounding his alleged involvement in a shooting incident at Cubana Club that took place a year ago. The musician tackled the issue head-on in a track from his latest album, “I Told Them.” While the anticipation for the album’s tracklist was already creating a buzz, one song in particular, titled “Thanks,” featuring American rapper J. Cole, is generating substantial conversation.

Burna Boy’s connection to the Cubana shooting made headlines in 2022 when he was accused of shooting a man due to a supposed desire to speak with the man’s wife. Rather than addressing the accusations at the time, Burna Boy chose to remain silent, allowing speculation and rumors to circulate unchecked.

However, during a concert in January of this year, Burna Boy broke his silence on the matter for the first time. He used the opportunity to address the swirling rumors and express frustration towards those who seemed unwilling to support his success.

In his new album, Burna Boy leaves no stone unturned in his captivating collaboration with J. Cole, entitled “Thanks.” The song provides a candid perspective on the artist’s perspective and experiences, demanding the recognition he believes he rightfully deserves for bringing pride to his nation and taking it to the international stage.

The lyrics of the song delve deep into Burna Boy’s emotions, with lines like: “Is this the motherfing thanks I get? Say my mama dance for Fela, Say I not get baby mama, Say I shoot person for Cubana, Because I wan collect person woman. Is this the motherfing thanks I get? For making my people proud, Every chance I get.”

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