US-Based Woman Exposes Alleged Affair with Afrobeats Superstar Davido

In a surprising turn of events, a US-based woman named Anita Brown, popularly known as Ninatheelite, has taken to social media to reveal her alleged romantic involvement with Afrobeats superstar Davido. Anita initially claimed to be pregnant with Davido’s child but later retracted her statement, citing a hacked account. However, she has now resurfaced with additional details about her secret relationship with the singer, spanning back to their first encounter in 2017. Through screenshots and videos shared on her Instagram page, Anita sheds light on their on-and-off affair, which continued even after Davido experienced the loss of his son and entered into a relationship with Chioma Rowland.

Revelations of the Alleged Affair

Anita asserts that she became pregnant by Davido, alongside other women, and was given an ultimatum to either abort the child or proceed with the pregnancy while awaiting DNA proceedings. Only then would Davido and his family assume full responsibility for the child. She admits that she was unaware of Davido’s relationship with Chioma during the course of their involvement.

In an attempt to provide evidence of her pregnancy claims, Anita recorded a video conducting a urine test that yielded a positive result. She expresses her confusion about the situation and the pressure she is facing from Davido and his team.

Shared Screenshots and Messages

Anita shares screenshots of conversations with Davido’s cousin, Clark Adeleke, who engages in discussions with her and assures her that she should convince Davido to allow her to carry the pregnancy to full term. The screenshots also include alleged messages from Davido, inviting Anita on a date.

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The revelations made by Anita Brown, also known as Ninatheelite, about her alleged affair with Afrobeats sensation Davido have sent shockwaves through social media. Through screenshots and videos, she provides glimpses into their relationship, including her claim of pregnancy and subsequent pressure to handle the situation. While the authenticity of these claims has yet to be verified, the public response has been intense, with fans and followers eagerly awaiting any further developments. As the situation unfolds, the spotlight remains on Anita, Davido, and the potential impact of these revelations on their lives and the music industry as a whole.

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