Explosive Revelations: Davido Allegedly Slapped Wizkid Backstage in Dubai in 2017

The ongoing feud between Nigerian music heavyweights Davido and Wizkid has taken a startling turn with revelations surfacing from an unexpected source. The Breakfast Club podcast, known for its candid discussions, recently disclosed a shocking incident involving Davido allegedly slapping Wizkid backstage at a show in Dubai back in 2017.

This revelation has unearthed information and allegations that have remained hidden from the Nigerian media but have now garnered international attention due to the podcast’s reach beyond Nigerian borders.

During the podcast, one of the hosts expressed bewilderment at the frequent conflicts among African artists, questioning the necessity for such altercations in an industry that thrives on talent and creativity.

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The incident involving Davido and Wizkid is particularly significant as it sheds light on a physical altercation that had remained undisclosed until now. While there had been previous rumors of tension between the two artists, particularly in their online interactions, this backstage altercation in Dubai adds a new layer to their strained relationship.

Interestingly, Davido’s history of physical altercations was previously linked to a scuffle with Burna Boy in Ghana, highlighting a pattern of conflicts within the music industry.

On the other hand, Wizkid, known for his occasional social media shade, had not been associated with physical altercations until now. However, amidst their recent beef, Wizkid made allegations of domestic abuse against Davido, suggesting mistreatment of his baby mama, Jada.

Although Davido swiftly deleted the tweet containing the accusation, the damage was done as the media picked up on the controversy.

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One crucial detail revealed by The Breakfast Club podcast is the timeline of the alleged incident, dating back to 2017. This timeline underscores the longstanding tensions between Davido and Wizkid, despite intermittent promises of collaboration and unity that have yet to materialize.

As the Davido-Wizkid saga continues to unfold, the music industry and fans alike are left pondering the complexities of fame, rivalry, and personal conflicts that often characterize the entertainment world.

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