Independent Journalist Reveals Shocking Details of Burna Boy’s Involvement in 2022 Cubana Club Shooting

Renowned independent journalist David Hundeyin has reopened the investigation into the 2022 Cubana club shooting, shedding new light on the incident involving Afrobeats sensation Burna Boy. The altercation unfolded when the musician allegedly made persistent attempts to invite a woman from a group to his table, resulting in a heated confrontation. Tragically, the disagreement escalated into a violent gunfight at the renowned Cubana club, leaving two members of the group injured.

A year after the incident, Hundeyin, known for his controversial approach to journalism, found himself in a heated exchange with a diehard Burna Boy fan who accused his investigative work of being a fabrication. In response to these allegations, Hundeyin retaliated by releasing an exposé containing previously undisclosed facts about the singer’s involvement in the club shooting.

In a lengthy series of tweets, Hundeyin made startling claims, asserting that Burna Boy was armed during the altercation and subsequently fled the country during the height of the investigation. Furthermore, Hundeyin alleged that the musician made financial settlements with the victims, compelling them to sign non-disclosure agreements that prevented them from sharing any information or making public statements.

Expressing his frustration with Burna Boy and his supporters, Hundeyin boldly stated, “I have your attention tonight because Burna Boy himself is unwilling to confront the truth and tell his followers to leave me alone. Before his legal team entertains any thoughts, I want to make it clear that while Irebami and Tolu may have signed an NDA, I did not. You pushed me.”

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Hundeyin accompanied his claims with images of a bullet hole in Irebami Lawrence’s thigh, sustained during the altercation with Burna Boy’s entourage. These images were widely reported at the time of the incident.

He continued, “The night began with Burna Boy’s insistent attempts to lure another man’s fiancée to his table and ended with two individuals getting shot. Burna Boy’s fragile ego couldn’t handle rejection.”

Providing additional evidence, Hundeyin shared recorded conversations with the victims in which they testified to witnessing Burna Boy brandishing a gun during the altercation, along with at least two members of his entourage. Hundeyin expressed his weariness at Burna Boy’s fervent fan base, who, in his view, refused to accept that their admired musician could exhibit such unacceptable behavior.

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Moreover, the victims identified two members of Burna Boy’s entourage who were seen waving firearms during the incident, one of whom even foolishly posted an image of the gun on his Instagram story moments later.

To corroborate his claims, Hundeyin consulted several firearms experts who confirmed that the weapon depicted in the image was a Glock 19 handgun, consistent with the size of the bullet holes found in the iPhone and Irebami’s thigh, as mentioned in the initial tweet.

Following the incident, Burna Boy promptly left the country, while three innocent police officers were wrongfully blamed for a crime they could not have committed as they were not present inside the club. Hundeyin also highlighted the singer’s father pleading with the victims on his son’s behalf while Burna Boy engaged in what Hundeyin deemed to be frivolous online activity.

In an effort to present a balanced narrative, Hundeyin reached out to Burna Boy’s management for comment. However, he claimed that his messages were ignored, and the musician subsequently blocked him on Twitter.

Hundeyin concluded his exposé by revealing the reason behind the lack of prior disclosure on these developments. According to him, Burna Boy had paid the victims to maintain their silence, resulting in a settlement that

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