Davido Faces New Allegations of Impregnating and Neglecting a Nigerian Lady Chisom (video)

In the midst of swirling pregnancy allegations from two prospective baby mothers, Nigerian music sensation Davido faces yet another accusation of impregnating a woman and subsequently neglecting his responsibilities. This comes at a time when the singer is already grappling with allegations from a US model named Anita Brown and a French lady named Ivanna Bay, both claiming to have conceived his children.

The latest claim emerged on social media platform TikTok, where a woman identified as Chisom bravely came forward with her story. According to Chisom, she had a past intimate relationship with Davido, which resulted in her becoming pregnant. She disclosed that the singer suggested she abort the baby and offered her N3 million in exchange for her silence on the matter.

However, Chisom asserted that despite agreeing to Davido’s proposal and terminating the pregnancy, the promised sum of N3 million was never paid to her. The woman revealed that the singer reneged on his promise, leaving her feeling betrayed and deceived.

In a now-deleted video, Chisom discussed her conversations with Davido and how he had allegedly threatened her not to make the matter public. She bravely shared her side of the story, revealing the challenges she faced dealing with the situation.

“I was a victim of Davido too. I was once pregnant for Davido. He told me to abort it and promised to give me N10 million. I agreed and aborted the baby, but Davido never fulfilled his promises. He didn’t give me my N10 million,” she stated in part.

To bolster her claims, Chisom shared photographic evidence of herself and Davido together, including a picture of him in her bed. She also posted a backstage video of herself with the singer and an alleged chat conversation where he promised to compensate her for terminating the pregnancy.

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Watch Video Below:

These latest allegations have added fuel to the ongoing controversies surrounding Davido’s personal life. As the social media platforms buzz with discussions about the situation, fans and followers are closely watching how the singer will respond to these serious allegations.

It is crucial to recognize that this is an ongoing situation, and it remains to be seen how Davido and his team will address the claims made by Chisom and the other alleged baby mothers. As the story unfolds, public opinions and sentiments will undoubtedly sway, and the ultimate truth behind these allegations will be of significant interest to many.

Regardless of the outcome, these revelations serve as a reminder of the complexities and challenges that can arise when public figures’ personal lives come under scrutiny. Such situations underscore the need for sensitivity and empathy towards all parties involved, as well as the importance of fostering open dialogue about issues surrounding consent, responsibility, and the treatment of women in society.

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  1. U guys can see how far we have made women to b less accountable n fools. How can a lady(adult) have sex with a man by way of pleasure, without protection n still be stupid enough to come out n ask for d man to take responsibility. well i don’t blame the women. It’s men who are simps and woman wrapper that make women wayward n mess up without shame.
    Wherever men are in full control n place women where they belong, they’ll not dare b these useless n shameless

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