Kizz Daniel’s Startling Revelation: “I Have Slept with 67 Women” Sparks Social Media Storm

Nigerian Music Sensation Opens Up About Romantic History During Fan Q&A Session

In a candid revelation that sent shockwaves through the entertainment world, Afrobeats sensation Kizz Daniel disclosed during a recent interactive session with fans that he has been romantically involved with a staggering 67 women. The acclaimed musician, renowned for his chart-topping hits and magnetic stage presence, left fans astounded with his candid admission, igniting a frenzy of speculation and discussion across various social media platforms.

Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, popularly known as Kizz Daniel, found himself at the center of attention when he engaged in a spirited Q&A session with fans on X. Amidst a barrage of inquiries from curious followers, one daring question emerged, prompting the singer to reveal the tally of his romantic escapades without hesitation.

When a fan boldly inquired about his “body count,” Kizz Daniel stunned his audience with a straightforward response, stating that he had slept with a total of 67 women. While the post has since been deleted, the revelation sparked widespread intrigue and debate among fans and followers of the celebrated artist.

In addition to his candid disclosure about his romantic history, Kizz Daniel shared several other intriguing insights during the interactive session. The singer revealed that ‘Kerewa’ by Zule Zoo held the top spot as his favorite song during his formative years, offering a glimpse into his musical influences and tastes.

Furthermore, Kizz Daniel imparted some personal wisdom, citing the best advice he has received: “Shora fun obirin,” a Yoruba phrase that translates to “Fear women.” This revelation shed light on the artist’s perspective on relationships and interactions with the opposite sex.

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Amidst the revelations, Kizz Daniel also expressed his preference for a woman’s posterior over her breasts, providing fans with further insight into his personal preferences and tastes.

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