Kanye West’s 46th Birthday Bash Sparks Controversy with Naked Sushi Display

Kanye West’s recent birthday celebration made waves for its unconventional approach rather than its star-studded guest list. Held in what appeared to be an empty warehouse in Los Angeles, Yeezy’s birthday bash drew attention due to the presence of a naked woman serving as a table for the food. Photos and videos from the event depicted a nude female model lying motionless on a table with various food platters strategically placed on her body, including her breasts, crotch, and knees. A chef stood beside her, delicately arranging sushi portions on the platters for guests to enjoy, all while Kanye’s music, including tracks from his album “Donda,” blared in the background. Although some fans found the sight peculiar, the practice is actually rooted in a Japanese tradition called “Nyotaimori,” which dates back centuries but has faced criticism from feminist activists in recent years.

However, Kanye’s decision to adopt this practice did not go unnoticed, and critics raised concerns about the presence of his nine-year-old daughter, North West, at the nudity-infused party.

“So Kanye flipped when Kim let North do a dance on TikTok, but he’s okay with having her come to his birthday where they’re serving sushi off a naked woman?” questioned one Twitter user. Among the attendees at the event were Kanye’s wife, Bianca Censori, fellow artists Freddie Gibbs, Ty Dolla $ign, and Chloe Bailey, as well as long-time associates GLC and John Monopoly.

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Despite the scrutiny surrounding her father’s choices, North showcased her camera skills at the party, capturing footage of Kanye passionately mouthing along to “Off the Grid.” However, Kanye West’s birthday celebration occurred during a challenging legal period for the rap mogul, as he found himself facing multiple lawsuits in recent weeks.

Last month, Gap filed a $2 million lawsuit against the Chicago native, alleging a breach of contract related to a rented commercial property in L.A. that Kanye made unauthorized changes to during their partnership, which ended in September of last year. The following week, Yeezy faced an assault and battery lawsuit from a photographer whose phone he snatched and threw during a tense exchange earlier this year.

Just days later, Kanye’s legal troubles deepened when another former teacher from his Donda Academy filed a lawsuit, claiming her termination was a retaliatory response to raising concerns about “illegal and disturbing code violations and conduct at the school.”

Amidst the challenges, there was some positive news for Mr. West as he reportedly earned $25 million after Adidas reversed their decision to sell leftover stock of Yeezy sneakers. Despite the controversies surrounding their partnership, the sneakers flew off the shelves, proving their continued popularity.

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