Kizz Daniel Breaks Silence on Alleged Ivory Coast Arrest, Declares “Silence No Go Work”

Nigerian Sensation Addresses Shocking No-Show at Scheduled Performance

Renowned Nigerian singer, Kizz Daniel, has taken to social media to vehemently refute reports of his alleged arrest in Ivory Coast following his unexpected absence at a highly anticipated performance.

The artist, celebrated for chart-toppers like “Woju” and “Mama,” clarified the situation through his Insta Stories, issuing a warning that “This time, silence no go work.” Earlier reports had circulated, suggesting that Kizz Daniel had traveled to Ivory Coast to headline a show but shockingly refused to take the stage on October 12, leading to purported legal consequences.

Initially, the reasons behind his non-performance were unclear. However, Kizz Daniel has now weighed in on the situation through his Insta Stories, expressing his frustration and leaving fans and followers curious about the circumstances surrounding his unexpected absence.

In Kizz Daniel’s own words: “Lol because Vado no dey talk. Una don start again. This time silence no go work. Typing.”

The artist’s response adds an air of mystery to the unfolding drama, as fans eagerly await further details on what prompted the unexpected turn of events in Ivory Coast.

This development comes just a day after Kizz Daniel shared a video with his crew, hinting at their departure to Ivory Coast. In the video, he disclosed that the cost of the flight for the trip amounted to a staggering N40 million, underscoring the significant investment that had gone into planning the performance.

As the controversy continues to swirl, the Nigerian music scene watches with bated breath for more insights into the circumstances surrounding Kizz Daniel’s alleged arrest and the surprising events in Ivory Coast.

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