Peruzzi Reveals Heartbreaking Reason Behind Refusal to Collaborate with Kizz Daniel on Song

Nigerian Singer Shares Shocking Incident on Zero Conditions Podcast, Exposing Discord with Colleague over Song Project

Nigerian singer and songwriter Peruzzi has opened up about a distressing incident that has severed collaboration ties with fellow artist Kizz Daniel. The revelation came during a recent podcast interview on Zero Conditions Podcast, where Peruzzi shared a heartbreaking reason for his decision.

In the podcast, Peruzzi disclosed that he had initially approached Kizz Daniel with the intention of collaborating on a song project. The song in question, titled “Gwagwalada,” became the center of an unfortunate dispute between the two artists.

According to Peruzzi, he diligently provided his verse for the collaborative effort to Kizz Daniel. However, to his dismay, after a few days, he discovered that Kizz Daniel had handed over the song to another artist, Buju, without any prior communication or formal notification. This unexpected move left Peruzzi shocked and disheartened.

The singer, visibly affected by the incident, expressed his disappointment and explained that such actions have led him to reconsider any future collaborations with Kizz Daniel. The revelation has sparked discussions among fans, with many expressing their opinions on the matter and sharing the video clip of Peruzzi’s podcast interview.

Watch below:

As the news continues to circulate, the music industry is abuzz with speculations about the fallout between Peruzzi and Kizz Daniel. The incident serves as a reminder of the complexities and challenges that can arise within the dynamic world of collaborative ventures in the entertainment industry.

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