Kizz Daniel’s Brother Hits Back at Peruzzi’s Shocking Betrayal Claims Over “Gwagwalada” Collab!

Family Member Responds to Accusations, Offering a Different Perspective on Song Collaboration Dispute

In the midst of recent allegations made by Peruzzi against Nigerian artist Kizz Daniel, the singer’s brother has stepped forward to address the controversy and present a counter-narrative to the unfolding story.

The dispute arose when Peruzzi, in a recent interview covered by Gistreel, was asked about the absence of a collaboration between him and Kizz Daniel. During the conversation on the Zero Conditions Podcast, Peruzzi claimed that he had approached Kizz Daniel for a joint project titled “Gwagwalada” and had provided his verse for the song. However, to his surprise, Kizz Daniel allegedly handed the song over to another artist, Buju, and removed Peruzzi’s contribution without any prior communication.

In response to these accusations, Kizz Daniel’s brother has contradicted Peruzzi’s version of events. According to the brother, Peruzzi was never officially given the song, and any attempt to collaborate was in the preliminary stages. The management had not confirmed Peruzzi’s verse when he took the initiative to leak the song to the public without approval.

This conflicting account adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing saga between the two artists, raising questions about communication breakdowns, approval processes, and the dynamics of collaborative efforts in the music industry.

As fans and industry observers eagerly await further developments, the response from Kizz Daniel’s brother sheds light on the intricacies of the situation, prompting a reassessment of the initial allegations made by Peruzzi. The unfolding drama underscores the challenges and misunderstandings that can arise within the intricate world of musical collaborations.

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