Lineker Criticizes Ten Hag’s Public Criticism as Unacceptable Amidst Reports of Discontent at Manchester United

Gary Lineker Points Out Managerial Misstep in Handling Players Publicly

Gary Lineker, former footballer and prominent sports personality, has voiced criticism against Manchester United’s manager, Erik ten Hag, citing his public criticism of players as an “unacceptable” managerial approach. Lineker’s comments come in the wake of reports suggesting discontent within the United squad, with claims that several players, including Jadon Sancho, have grown disenchanted with Ten Hag’s playing style.

Reports from various publications, including Sky Sports, indicated that approximately 50% of the dressing room had turned against Ten Hag following a disappointing 1-0 defeat to Newcastle. Allegations pointed to a divide exacerbated by Ten Hag’s treatment of Sancho, who had been sidelined from the first team for months after responding to public criticism from the manager regarding his training performances.

During a discussion on the Rest is Football podcast, Lineker emphasized the evolving nature of football management in the modern age. He expressed concern over Ten Hag’s tendency to openly and repeatedly criticize players in the public domain, labeling it as the one misstep during his tenure at Manchester United.

“I don’t think he’s handled brilliantly situations with various players now. He’s had a lot to deal with but he’s repeatedly been critical openly and publicly, and that’s the one thing that was always, even when I played, unacceptable,” Lineker remarked.

Lineker highlighted the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with players, asserting that public criticism could create discord within the squad. He urged managers to avoid public condemnation, emphasizing the detrimental impact it can have on team dynamics.

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In response to the reports of discontent, Ten Hag addressed the media ahead of United’s match against Chelsea, dismissing rumors of disorder within the squad. He affirmed the team’s focus on their journey and acknowledged the ongoing transition, expressing confidence in the progress and potential of the squad.

As Manchester United navigates a challenging period, attention remains on the managerial decisions of Ten Hag and their implications for team unity and performance on the pitch.

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