Manchester United Manager Erik ten Hag Faces Fan Backlash as Defeats Pile Up

In the wake of Galatasaray’s come-from-behind victory at Old Trafford on Tuesday night, Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag is facing heightened criticism from disgruntled fans, who have been expressing their discontent with boos and calls for his dismissal. This defeat marked United’s sixth in 10 games, including both Champions League group fixtures.

Ten Hag, in response to the fan backlash, acknowledged the frustration and disappointment expressed by the supporters. In a post-match statement, he took responsibility for the team’s performance and results, emphasizing his role in collaboration with the squad.

“They can expect, I am responsible for this team, for the performance, for the result – together with my squad,” he said. “In this moment we don’t get the results and they are then disappointed, I can understand that. Yeah, we have to do better. But, as I said, I have seen a team with a great spirit. And also, a team that was backed by the crowd from the start until the end. Of course, in the end, the fans are disappointed just as we are. We are very disappointed.

“But also that has to be fuel. That is the good thing about this team, every time they find the energy in every game, in every start of a game, there has been a team with a lot of energy, with good motivation to go into the game.”

Despite Ten Hag’s attempt to highlight the team’s spirit, the dismal start to the season has seen the odds of him being the next Premier League manager sacked rise, making him the second favorite behind Sheffield United boss Paul Heckingbottom.

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Former Tottenham player Kevin Prince-Boateng, speaking before the Galatasaray defeat, expressed strong opinions on Ten Hag’s suitability for the managerial role at Manchester United. Boateng criticized the lack of energy in the team and questioned Ten Hag’s coaching abilities, particularly in handling star player Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I think he’s got to go. From what I’m seeing, there’s no energy. I don’t see any energy. And then what he did to Ronaldo and all that, it’s too much stuff. I think he’s not on the level to be the coach of Man United,” Boateng stated. “Even the team is not the best, they have some good players but not the best. But still there’s no fire. When you come to Old Trafford, it’s like how you said, they put in a ball and there’s no pace, no one gets angry, no one puts in passion and fire. If my players aren’t doing that then me as a coach, I have to do that.”

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