Magnito: Boyfriends are Managing Successful Female Artists in the Nigerian Music Scene

Nigerian Hip Hop Sensation Exposes Behind-the-Scenes Dynamics in the Entertainment Industry

In a surprising revelation, popular Nigerian Hip Hop artist Magnito has brought to light a hidden trend in the country’s music industry, claiming that a significant number of successful female musicians are being managed by their boyfriends. The outspoken rapper disclosed this information during a recent episode of the Terms and Conditions podcast, sparking a wave of mixed reactions on social media.

Magnito emphasized that while this phenomenon may be a relatively new trend in the music business, it has largely gone unnoticed by fans due to the discreet nature of the relationships maintained by the female entertainers. Despite the private nature of these connections, the ‘Canada’ crooner asserted that this dynamic plays a crucial role in the success stories of many accomplished female artists.

During the podcast, Magnito stated, “Most of the successful female artistes you see, the person managing them is their boyfriend. They might not put it in the public. But most of them… Call any name.”

Listen to the podcast here

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